Thursday, 31 January 2008

William Ruto interview with Lindsay Hilsum on Channel Four News

I watched Lindsay Hilsum interview William Ruto the chief negotiator for ODM on Channel Four News tonight.

These were her questions to Honourable William Ruto.

1.What is your reaction to the killing of David Too?

The margin in parliament is 3. We already have lost 2 MPS. It cannot escape our thinking that this could be something orchestrated so that our margins in parliament are watered down, and the other side can have an advantage over us.

2. Despite the killing today are you continuing with the negotiations?

We intend to get a political settlement of the crisis in our country. We will pursue peaceful means and that is why we will stay engaged in the negotiations.

3. What is your bottom line, are you still demanding a rerun of the election?

Our bottom line is that the will of the people of Kenya must be respected.

4. Does this mean a new election?

It means that everything that the will of the people of Kenya means. It is our position that it must be known to the people of Kenya who won the last general election.

5. It is too late for that, Kofi Annan is saying there is too much post election violence, post election conflict. There has to be compromise and that means compromise by you as well.

There has to be compromise and that is why we are sitting on the negotiating table. We wouldn't be sitting on the negotiating table otherwise.

6. Many people are saying you are one of the instigators of the violence. You whipped up the youth in your area?

Nothing could be further from the truth. Violence that erupted in the country was not violence in Eldoret alone. It was violence across the country. If it was planned at all, it must have been planned by the people who planned to manipulate the results of the election; and therefore planned the violence to cover up the theft of the general election. The violence is spiralling out of control. In fact if we are not careful in a matter of days, this country could be headed in the route of a civil war. Therefore it is really critical that leaders get ready to make tough choices and serious sacrifices so that we can get this country off this road; and get it onto the path of peace and security.

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MachoNne said...

It took Ruto an entire month to condemn the violence in his hometown during which most of the murder and destruction had been committed. If he is not guilty of instigating the violence he is guilty of compliance. He is like the leaders in Rwanda during the genocide who did nothing as they felt the citizens were "expressing their anger".