Friday, 25 January 2008

How do we break the cycle of post election violence in Kenya

More killings in the Rift Valley, some of which are reprisals. I wonder whether this will stop when the police have been killing civilians indiscriminately, and standing by while civilians are hacked to death. It is a comfort to know that some of the police are divided.

What I find unsettling is that all the acts of post election violence could be perceived by some Kenyans as the norm.

In cases where the violence has not been challenged, what message does that give to the rest of the population?

The mediation efforts so far have failed to stem the violence.

Raila Odinga has ruled out taking the role of Prime Minister, as a solution to this crisis, and has said there are only three acceptable options.

The deep rooted ethnic tensions in Kenya should be a warning to other nations. We cannot wish ethnicity away, but can aim to find solutions to the issues.

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