Monday, 7 January 2008

Kenya a Humanitarian crisis

I was reading the paper on my way to work this morning. The first bit of news that I read about Kenya had a photo of thousands of people lining up for food handouts, from the Red cross in Kibera. The image was powerful.

Thousands of people are starving.

Someone needs to take primary responsibility for this.

I spoke to a Kenyan friend of mine last night, and we were going over how fortunate we were, that our country had been peaceful for so many years. Refugees came to Kenya to seek sanctuary, we never thought Kenyans would be crossing the border as refugees. It can happen to anybody, at any time.

What we found, was that most of our friends from other African countries were calling to check what the situation was like in Kenya, and joking and taunting us at the same time. This is because they all come from war torn countries. One of my Somali friends suggested that I consider seeking refugee status in Somalia. Point taken, but it hurt.

The Tuesday ODM rally has been cancelled, and Parliament may convene next week.

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