Saturday, 19 January 2008

Phase two of ODM protests, funerals for supporters, and individual truths

ODM officials said they would hold inter-denominational funeral services for its supporters who died during the post election violence in Kisumu, on Monday, followed by another one in Nairobi on Wednesday.
The ODM chairman Mr Henry Kosgey said Thursday will be set aside for peace rallies across the country at venues to be announced later.

At the same time, the official announced that ODM would embark on an economic boycott of businesses run by directors of firms whom they accused of having supported and contributed to the controversial results.

Quotes from ODM mass action to continue by Odhiambo Orlale of the Nation

I hope that the security services are able to allow the bereaved to mourn in a way that is best for them.

I spoke to a Somali friend of mine today, and his first question to me was the usual "What is happening in your country?"


I wish I knew how to answer that question without ranting, but I am not quite there yet. One thing he said to me which calmed me down, was sometimes in life to get what you want, you have to make sacrifices. The fight for democracy has never been an easy ride. The rational part of my brain, knows that, but there is another part of me, that struggles with what I watch, read and hear on a daily basis.

This is Muciimi Mbatia's take on ODM being full of image, and nothing more.

Antony Otieno has a thought provoking article on elusive truths that undermine a constructive political discourse by Kenyans. I agree with his point that part of what we have witnessed since the election results were announced is a cry for democracy and justice. Something that he mentioned in his article that I was not aware of, and which he points out is that

" Thousands of Kenyans are trapped at Tigoni police station in Limuru, but no one speaks about them, because of their backgrounds, which brings up questions regarding what standards are used to determine a victim of the current violence and who qualifies for state assistance and relief services"

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