Saturday, 19 January 2008

Kenyan leaders please practice what you preach

Looters in Mombasa returned their goods, which I mentioned in my talks conscience and uchawi post.

The Nation has a good article, what if Kenyan leaders practiced the faith they professed.

The article raises parallels with the way the looters behaved. I found it amusing.

The question is, can the thief(a Catholic), who stole the election give it back, and will he be haunted/cursed if he does not?

Samuel Kivuitu and Kalonzo Musyoka claim to be committed christians.Sadly, I believe these individuals do not have an understanding of what a conscience is, which raises questions about their understanding of their faiths.

Who the hell is giving these people spiritual direction?

Food for thought from Philip Ochieng State rules if people freely give consent.

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