Friday, 18 January 2008

Breaking news Martin Shikuku has been arrested

News just in from the ground Martin Shikuku has been arrested. Updates to follow later on this story. This will not calm things down at all. More misery for Kenya.


Martin Shikuku was arrested, as the government thought that he was going to organise a rally in Uhuru Park. I am so angry at the way this illegitimate government is dealing with things.

Edit two

Today was the third planned day of peaceful rallies. Some ODM members were planning to go and march, after Friday prayers at the mosque.The security forces had trailed them to the mosque, and trailed them when they left the mosque. Martin Shikuku was arrested for breaching the peace, and inciting people to go and march. At the moment noone knows where he has been taken by the security services.

When the news broke out, some Kenyans started to leave town; as sources on the ground said some PNU supporters were regrouping in River road, and ODM supporters were also regrouping.

Human rights protesters had congregated outside Kencom house, but were teargassed by the police, and as is the norm for the cops, live shots were fired.

To see how far the security services are going, they teargassed Moi teaching and referral hospital in Eldoret yesterday, claiming that protesters were hiding in there. These officers are no different to the man who killed people in the church in Eldoret, and claimed he attacked the victims, as it was a cave, not a church, because they were hiding in it.

In the meantime two German and one Dutch journalist have been arrested today in Kenya on suspicion of terrorism.

Is it a coincidence that one of the journalists had been working on a documentary on Raila Odinga, and was arrested?

Kenyans in Kibera and Mathare continue to suffer. I saw a man on the news yesterday telling a reporter that Kenyans in Kibera were being molested by guns which were bought with their taxes. He has a point.

There are roadblocks on the road from Nairobi to Busia. Trailers and cars have had their car keys snatched from youths, who ran into the bushes with them. Those affected are asking for security, so they can move.

People in Western province are having to queue outside shops at 4am in the morning, as most shops now are closing at midday, and there is no guarantee that they will be able to buy food.

In the meantime Mwai Kibaki says the country is alright and Kazi iendelee.

Edit three

Veteran politician, Mr Martin Shikuku and an unidentified ODM protester, were arrested as groups engaged in a cat-and-mouse chase with police on Friday afternoon.
Trouble started at about 1.30pm when Muslim faithful tried to hold a procession outside Jamia Mosque after the afternoon prayers.
Earlier, the Jamia Mosque committee issued a statement criticising the police for surrounding the mosque as worshippers prepared to pray.
"This is not a police state. We cannot live in fear," said the Imam.

Quotes from Four shot dead as protestors defy police by the East African Standard

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