Thursday, 10 January 2008

Tribal paranoia in Kenya today healthy or not?

I have just read this article on tribal paranoia, and how ethnic polarisation is taking hold.

It took me back to something that I had read years ago, Black rage by Grier and Cobbs.

Since the announcement of the election results I am very aware of my tribe. I am wary of being in certain parts of Kenya now, given what has transpired. The comfort or ease that I had before, has disappeared for the moment. I grew up, have friends and went to school with Kenyans from every tribe. There is a lot of intermarriage in my family across tribal lines.

I was aware of the tensions, but not in the way that I am now. I feel that there is a parallel between what Grier and Cobbs are saying and the situation in Kenya today. For some people who are feeling paranoid, I see their response as adaptive, and not unhealthy in the current climate.

We are all Kenyans but I feel that it is important to acknowledge and celebrate the differences between us.

Update related article :Tribal clashes are politicians fault.

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