Thursday, 24 January 2008

Coming to terms with loss and change in Kenya

I realise that what scares me about what has happened, and could continue to happen in Kenya, is that I have lost part of the Kenya that I know. I realised when things began to escalate, how much I took things for granted at home. How much I took peace and security for granted. I realise how unsettling it is living in fear of things escalating, to the point of no return, in the country that I love. Not knowing that those I love and care about are safe, and could lose their lives in this mess, just because they belong to certain tribes. The carnage that has taken place scares me, and disgusts me, and is not something that I ever imagined could happen at home.

I have thought a lot since December 30th, and have wondered whether life under Moi or Kenyatta were better, in comparison to Mwai Kibaki. The howling for democracy was not heard by some of the Kenyan people, and I feel that needs to be honoured, if we are to address the underlying issues. I have no idea how we can right the wrongs as so much has happened, but I hope that there can be some form of reconciliation.

It is the cost of genocide that worries me in this situation. This crisis has opened up old wounds that need to be healed, if that is possible.

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