Friday, 11 January 2008

Peace talks, eyes on the clergy, and protests in Kenya

I sit here, and wonder when the situation in Kenya will be resolved. Those of you who know me, are aware that I am a pessimist. However, this is one instance, where I am hanging on to some element of hope with my dear life. I read, and read, and talk and talk, with friends and family about our current crisis, and am left feeling powerless.

It is living with the constant uncertainty, aware that more violence, and deaths are on the horizon at any time, that is unsettling.Watching my country plunge into an abyss, day by day.

I continue to pray, like I have never prayed before that God will have some mercy on Kenya.

Today all eyes are on the clergy but the question is can they be trusted by the Kenyan people to be honest peace brokers, because of the partisan role they played before the elections.

A strong point that the youth coordinator at St Andrews makes is

In the same way you accept the win, you must also accept all legitimate... and I underline 'legitimate' claims of falsehood attached to the win... if you hold the win on one hand, you must hold its falsehood on the other - the two - the win and the falsehood-must stand publicly together in tension."
He went on: "And even as we hold the two realities in tension, we must deal with another upsetting fact: That God is truth... and because He is truth, He does not need to lie for his mission to pass. This tells us... that as long as there was falsehood and illegal manipulation, then the winners must be careful and walk in humility... for they do have matters to repent about."
CLERGYMEN HAVE THE CHALLENGE of standing up for truth, and telling His Excellency that there are question marks about his presidency. They should, in the words of Mr Buri, muster the courage to tell the President that the "Government that God allows to reign over this land, must find part of its legitimacy in repentance."

In the meantime Raila Odinga has said he will use other means to stop Kibaki returning Kenya to the era of dictatorship.

Protests are to resume, as the people of Kenya voted for change, and Raila Odinga is keeping the heat on the culprits.

It does not look good people.

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HASH said...

Hi tamtam,

I've been working with some other Kenyans to create a site where people can report incidents of violence in Kenya ( Consider adding one of the buttons found on the "about" page to your blog.

Please call, text and email your friends and family in Kenya about Ushahidi. You can now SMS an incident report in to +447624802635 or email tips

On top of all that, there is now a Flickr group to add your images too about this post-election crisis at