Sunday, 20 January 2008

Ugandan opposition party demanding an explanation to the alleged presence of troops

Some members of the opposition in Uganda want an explanation of the alleged presence of the Uganda peoples defence in Kenya.

Captain Paddy Ankunda denies this, but the opposition say it is the Ugandan government that needs to clarify this, not the army. The opposition is concerned that the presence of these troops in Kenya poses a threat to Ugandans living in Kenya.

As I mentioned here sources on the ground continue to confirm that troops who cannot speak Swahili properly, and are speaking a funny language (not known to locals) are in several parts of Western Kenya. They are going into homes, flushing out the men, and assaulting them.

Sources on the ground say that some of the looters in Kisumu has been carried out by individuals who have been brought in from other areas, to cause destruction.

Roles have changed as Kenyans seek refuge in Uganda, and Kenyan refugees are lectured by their hosts for it.

Economic protests are to go ahead, and yet it seems Raila is not particularly happy about this.

Sources on the ground say that the economic protests are targeted towards individuals who support the Mungiki.

Businesses are feeling the impact of the crisis. I spoke to my folks today, and their business is suffering, along with everyone else.

The price of food and petrol has gone up.

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