Saturday, 19 January 2008

Some Western countries express their concern about human rights in Kenya

In a series of full-page advertisements this week, paid for by taxpayers, the government accused diplomats, civil society organisations, the UN and the media of waging a "partisan, emotional and personalised campaign against President Kibaki" for calling into question the presidential result.

Quote from Kenya police kill eight as street protests end by Xan Rice for the Guardian newspaper.

A statement signed by nine western countries including Britain, expressed their concern about the deteriorating human rights situation, since the elections.

Sadly, I doubt that this will have any effect whatsoever, the people responsible for issuing these shoot to kill commands, will continue to do what they want, when they want. Their behaviour is unjustifiable, and unacceptable.

The illegitimate government continues to diminish the rights of the Kenyan people.

Sources on the ground say most of the killing is being carried out by the administration police. There are some members of the forces that are not happy with these killings.

Some Kenyans continue to die like flies in Kibera, Mathare, Rift Valley,Eldoret and Kisumu. We know that not all the deaths are reported, as there are curbs on what the media has access to, which is disturbing.

Kenya bleeds and innocent victims continue to be hit by stray bullets.

An example of the shoot to kill of unarmed civilians.

Some parts of the government continue to believe that Kenya is okay, and choose to remain out of touch with reality, while a cracked nation holds its breath.

Martin Shikuku has been realeased.

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