Saturday, 26 January 2008

Watching events unfold in Kenya

I am at a loss, as I know most of my friends and family are about the situation back home.

I know a number of people who come from war torn countries, Iraq,Somalia,Rwanda,Uzbekistan and Kosovo. Over the years I have listened to their experiences, and have empathised with what they have told me. One thing that I was struck by, was their obsession with the news, watching satellite tv channels, showing all the atrocities that were happening. This causes them distress, but they continue to watch the news. I find myself in the same situation, and if anyone had said to me I would be in the same situation years ago, I would have laughed at them. It is unsettling,scary and disturbing.

My folks have talked about going to shags(country home or ancestral birthplace) if things ever got out of control in Nairobi. As the situation stands at the moment, not all of us can get to shags with the roads closed, and the possibility of being ambushed by the Mungiki. There is the issue of supplies being cut off, too.
There are some parts of Kenya that are safe at the moment eg. Central Province or North Eastern Province, Ukambani, to name a few. However, if you are from Nakuru, Kisumu, Molo, Eldoret, and parts of the Coast province, it is difficult heading back. It seems it is better to stay in Nairobi at the moment.

Nakuru is now on curfew, and army troops were deployed there, which indicates how serious the situation is there. Here are some pictures of the Rift Valley violence. Some Kenyans in the Rift Valley are still planning revenge. The latest clashes were Kikuyus against Kalenjins and Luos.

When have the Kenyan police ever been unusure of containing chaos????

This level of violence shows that the state is overwhelmed, and in some parts of the country, the government as we know it, ceases to exist or is not functioning.

Can the existing illegitimate government guarantee all Kenyans peace and security?

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xXx ~ Jac ~ xXx said...

OMG! Tour companies cancelling bookings till May - that'll cripple the little economy we have left! I could say it's overkill, however, one never knows. I know I questioned why people felt compelled to travel to war torn Iraq, Israel, Pakistan etc. Why do I feel strongly that tourism should continue in Kenya? How is this different to all the other countries that have had civil unrest in the past? Am I a hypocrite?

Tamtam said...


I can see where you are coming from.

I do not know whether you are a hypocrite. I do not feel I am in a position to answer that, as I am too involved,lol.

What I do know, is that you are concerned about Kenya. I wonder whether you hope things are not as bad, as they really are?