Monday, 14 January 2008

Kenyan government says there is no need for mediation

Government minister John Michuki said there was no need for former UN chief Kofi Annan to visit Kenya on Tuesday to lead fresh mediation efforts.

If Kofi Annan is coming, he is not coming at our invitation," Mr Michuki said, French news agency AFP reported.
"We won the elections so we do not see the point for anyone coming to mediate power-sharing," he said.
An unnamed government spokesman told another news agency, Reuters, that Mr Kibaki's administration had not asked anyone to mediate its affairs.
He said Kenya, as a sovereign state, should be "treated with the same respect shown to other stable democracies".

Quotes from Kenya rulers reject outside help

Well God will decide what happens next then. My view is that God helps those who help themselves.

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