Tuesday, 22 January 2008

ODM files a complaint with the International criminal court

ODM have filed a complaint with the Hague accusing the government of crimes against humanity. Alfred Mutua said the government will be filing a complaint too.

Some western countries are accused by the government for causing the post election violence, by stating the election was flawed, in media adverts headed by the office of Public communications headed by Dr Alfred Mutua.

I think the subtext here from Dr Mutua, is that noone in Kenya is allowed to speak the truth. The Kenyan people, and outsiders are supposed to collude with daylight robbery. The government has chosen to take no responsibility whatsoever for this crisis.

Diplomats have embarassing moments with the government before Annan arrives.

Some interesting points about the peacemaker from the West in Kenya today, Yoweri Museveni.

In his response to a caller on Capital gang radio show in Uganda, and his use of military force, Yoweri Museveni responded that he was not a pacifist. His last two elections were surrounded by controversy, and he is one of the few presidents who congratulated Kibaki'

He is not a pacifist, but is a peacemaker?

Can Museveni be neutral?

I wonder whether the government will say that the mediators have come to Kenya for tea as they did before.

Others who have adopted this line in the past include Karua and Mutua, who went to the extent of saying Ghanaian President John Kufuor jetted in "to have tea" with Kibaki, his longtime friend.

This is a press release of the Kenya presidential elections violence situation report 17.

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