Monday, 14 January 2008

A tough week ahead in Kenya

Surprise surprise the Chinese say democracy hurts Kenya. Well the lack of democracy is what has caused this mess, in my view.

When was Kenya democratic, can someone remind me please?

Raila Odinga plans to sit on the government side in parliament on Tuesday, as ODM are the majority party. I have a hunch that the temperatures in there on Tuesday will be high.

Will the press have access to what goes on in there on Tuesday?

A thought provoking article about the violence in Kenya at the moment, it may be awful, but it is not senseless savagery. It is a communication of last resort.

Then we have the Kenya police in a shoot to kill row and some of the police saying they are not happy with what they are being asked to do. My understanding is the shoot to kill policy is restricted to certain parts of Kenya.

Some lessons that we need to learn for our country, we need to look beyond the personalities in this crisis.

What will this week have in store for us?


News just in , the local TV stations in Kenya will not be able to cover the opening of parliament tomorrow.

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