Thursday, 10 January 2008

Protests stopped in Kenya, Mwai Kibaki's response to the violence

Kibaki is defiant and is making it clear that like it or not he is here to stay.

Police fired teargas today at dozens of women in Nairobi who were demonstrating against the contested re-election of president Kwai Kibaki after he again rejected calls for a recount.

Kenyans for Peace with Truth and Justice, an umbrella group for civil rights campaigns including the Kenyan National Commission on Human Rights and the Kenyan Law Society, presented police with documents demanding the prosecution of all 22 members of the electoral commission.
Shailja Patel, one of the group's leaders said: "The electoral process is so seriously flawed that, until that is redressed, and until we have truth and justice about the election, we are not going to have a viable society in Kenya."

Yesterday Kibaki travelled to Burnt Forest in western Kenya, his first visit to an area hit by post-election violence.
He defiantly urged people not to dwell on the elections.
"[The vote] is finished and anybody who thinks they can turn it around should know that it's not possible and it will never be possible," he said.
He also again insisted that the election can only be overturned by the courts, which are packed with his appointees.

The full article Kenyan police launch teargas attack on female demonstrators by Matthew Weaver of the Guardian Newspaper.

The Kibaki response to an arsonist attack when he is addressing a peace meeting.

He seems unable to acknowledge that the some Kenyan people have lost trust in the system.

Ory Okolloh of Kenyan Pundit has set up to document incidents of violence.

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