Wednesday, 23 January 2008

John Githongo's analysis on the post election violence in Kenya

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I have maximum respect for John Githongo, and feel that he is a courageous man with loads of integrity. I met him in my younger days, and he has remained consistent from back in the day. It is sad that he is living in exile now, but understandable as threats were made to his life. That is the price that some Kenyans pay, for speaking up, and exposing the government.John is one of several Kenyans who is willing to stand up and be counted, in Kenya today.

He tells it as he sees it. He gives a balanced account of what has happened on both sides. One point that he makes that I found powerful is

The fact that the presidency appoints electoral commission officers and the judges that hear electoral petitions is an important constitutional failing.

It just reinforces why ODM will not go to court.

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