Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Victims of Mungiki killings in Naivasha

My prayers for the souls of all these people who died yesterday, and all their families.


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Update 2

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Anonymous said...

kenya: the truth about the naivasha killings

as the repercussions of inter-tribal clashes dawn upon kenyans, more light is being shed on how they were planned and executed. One of the worst revenge attacks which left dozens dead or maimed, was experienced in naivasha town in the rift valley. Using eyewitness accounts from survivors, odhiambo t. Oketch and pius mongere reports about the horror faced by victimized residents before and after the attacks. I have been to naivasha on two occasions to help evacuate some of my relatives who were victims of the violence that took place in naivasha.

The first time, we did not get the gory details of what took place, and i bet, the press is afraid of bringing some of these planned murders and killings in naivasha to the fore. We must have the courage to face the truth and confront the same, then talk of the healing process. If we sweep this under the rug, we are doing nothing. Politicians and administrative officers involved the naivasha massacre was planned in complicity with government agencies. The police were informed, and they only brought officers who were not armed to confront the murderous mungiki (banned militia) team. The dc (district commissioner) was in the picture, as some of the politicians who had lost in the recent general elections. They were well coordinated by donations from some current cabinet ministers and the pangas (machetes) that they used were bought at the shamba hardware store in naivasha town. When the mungiki were to strike on the january 27, 2008, the prison warders came out and thwarted all their moves. They retreated so that orders could be made to bar the prison warders from coming out in support of non-kikuyus who were the target. When they struck the second time, they were under police escort, and they specifically killed luos, in a systematic way. They torched their houses and chased them like rats in town. When the luo organized themselves to hit back, the police shot at the them instead. This went on for three days. Within this time, the mungiki murderers were housed at lakeside and silver hotels. They used to come to town at 6:00 am, reign terror until 6:00 pm when they retreated to their hotels to brief their paymasters, chief among them former and current mps. The naivasha massacre of the luos was well planned in a meeting attended by politicians like uhuru kenyatta and jayne kihara among others, and top businessmen such as chris kirubi, jimna mbaru, and george muhoho. They were annoyed that it is the luo who had made things elephant for them. They hence came up with a plan that hitting at the luo would be the best thing. They did not look at the fact that it is the kalenjin who removed them mostly from the rift valley. They thought that it was the luo who had made the kalenjin do that. Biased red cross and mungiki paymasters the kenya red cross society that has been acclaimed as one of the best relief support agencies, did not come to the aid of the internally displaced persons (idps) at naivasha prisons for a whole 3 days, yet, they were in burnt forest and eldoret within hours of the fracas breaking out. It came out that the red cross, just like the government, was partisan in addressing the problems. In the case of naivasha, the red cross and the government were looking at it as a luo affair, not a kenyan affair. This partisan approach to the massacre has exposed the red cross as a dishonest agency. When the mungiki youths went to kabati cemetery for oath-taking, the police were very much in the picture. When they ransacked kabati estate, the police looked helpless.

When the people ran to naivasha prisons for safety, the police moved in on the road, armed and ready to shoot at anyone who dared come out of the prison. I reckon they should have been engaging the mungiki so that they could save non-kikuyu property, but they only escorted them on the macabre mission.

The world must know the truth. And it is this truth that will set us free. Why were kikuyus hell bent on eliminating luos from naivasha, when it is a known fact that luos never killed any kikuyu in nyanza at the beginning of the evictions? why were kikuyus in naivasha cheering and telling luos that they wanted majimbo (regionalism), yet now had to be evicted? why were the police under instructions to safeguard mungiki, and to shoot to kill at any show of resistance, people who stood helpless as their houses were being burnt and their people killed as they watched? it is time to make clear distinctions; those who shout loudest about crimes against humanity, are the main paymasters of the murderous mungiki sect.