Sunday, 28 April 2013

Unexplained death of political leaders fuelling conspiracy theories

There is a lot of speculation about Mutula Kilonzo's death. The post mortem will take place on Monday. 
I wait for those results.Kumekucha wonders whether Mutula was murdered. I wonder what happened, and when the news broke yesterday, I could not believe it.

Update Related letter: Mutula's death brings to mind other mysterious ones since independence by Ashford Kimani

Some quotes from the letter below

Mr Mutula had many enemies because he always did not conform to some people’s wishes. His death is quite puzzling since he was not sick. He drove himself to his ranch, inspected flower beds, took supper and retired to bed. He did not complain of any illness, yet he did not wake up!

Kenya has a history of mysterious deaths of prominent people most of which remain unresolved today. The deaths of the late Pio Gama Pinto, Ronald Ngala, Argwings Kodhek, J.M. Kariuki, Tom Mboya, Tony Ndiringe, Mugabe Were, Bishop Alexander Muge and many others are still fresh in many a Kenyans’ minds.

Hardly had the government resolved the circumstances surrounding the late Saitoti’s death when the nation woke up again to another shocking news.

If prominent people can lose their lives just like flies how safe are ordinary wananchi? Why has life become so unpredictable for Kenyans? People are not safe at places of work, and they are not safe in their beds either. Next time one goes to sleep, he is not assured of waking up the following day! Who else will follow suit?

Update related article: Law society calls for speedy probe of  ex-minister's death

Some quotes from the article below

East African Law Society President James Mwamu has called for independent and speedy investigations into the death of Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo.
“There were no reports of him being sick. His death is a surprise and shock to the county,” he said in Kisumu.
Mwamu said the death was uncharacteristic, as the deceased was healthy, adding that he had known the Senior Counsel for 21 years.

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