Monday, 29 April 2013

Secret Mutula died with

There is a secret so big that Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo will take to his grave. It is a story he warned Standard reporter Roselyne Obala would shake Kenya.
Though he refused to give details, the late Senior Counsel insisted to Obala the story would not only surprise Kenyans, but could have major consequences.That was on March 28 after Mutula was sworn in as Senator.

Mutula, a straight-talking politician and astute lawyer, told Obala a month before he died that he would reveal to her the secret he bore ‘with time’, but sadly he died before they could meet again. 
On that March 28, after being sworn-in as Senator for Makueni, he said, during a short interview, that he had information that if published in the media, would “cause panic and mayhem”.

Mutula was explaining how they intend to take on the National Government over the implementation of the Devolution, “when he suddenly diverted and stated that there is a lot going on that Kenyans need to know,’’ Obala went on.
Mutula told her that it is no secret that the National Government is trying to frustrate the implementation of Devolved Government. ”

It was at this juncture that his tone changed, he looked serious and stated; “I have information that if I disclose to you Monday, your papers will be burnt the next minute.”
The statement came as a surprise, but when Obala pressed him, because she was curious to know more, and even offered not to name him in the story, Kilonzo retorted: “No, No, No.”
She pleaded with him, saying, “Please Mheshimiwa (Honourable), I will use an anonymous source,” he declined.
When she insisted he reiterated as they walked down the stairs: “Save the company (Standard Group Limited) and yourself.  I promise to give you the information at the right time.”
Those were Mutula’s last words to the journalist as he walked away and, unfortunately, that is where the big story that never came to life ended.

 Quotes from Secret Mutula died with

He has gone to the grave with this secret, or maybe Kenyans will know the truth some day.

Update Related article: Britain to carry out Mutula's Post Mortem . I think it is essential that the family have an independent pathologist.


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