Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Uhuru wants the police to secure Kenya

I feel strongly about security, and cant count the number of friends and acquaintances that have been robbed at home, at their businesses, or carjacked.

Last year a family member was robbed,tied up, attacked, and almost killed. When we went to the police station, the officer asked us if we had a car to take him back to the scene of the crime. One of us, asked him what happened to their police cars. He said they had no police cars, and that had been the case for six years!

We then asked him how do they help people in  emergencies. His reply, send a taxi to pick the police up. So much for a rapid respnse .This is unacceptable. He explained that they have to escort criminals to court in matatus and buses, and risk being killed themselves.

 This was not reassuring at all, and basically you know if something happens to you in your home, you are on your own in Kenya, and can't rely on the police to handle the situation. If you don't have the funds to hire these private security companies, as a back up, then Pole sana!

When I told my non Kenyan friends about this, they thought I was joking. I wish I was. Sio Mchezo!

I really hope the new President is able to deliver on this one, as things have got to another level especially in Nairobbery.

President Uhuru emphasised that adequate security was not only necessary for the safety of Kenyans but also for the continued growth of the economy.

One of the key issues that the president has in his manifesto is on insecurity; it is written in black and white and we are very much assured that the government will provide what is required address some of the issues, he said after attending a meeting with senior police officers. "

Quotes from Uhuru wants the police to secure Kenya by Lordrick Mayabi

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