Monday, 22 April 2013

Kenyan referee says coach assault left him impotent

MOMBASA, Kenya (AP) — A Kenyan soccer referee has filed a lawsuit, contending a coach ran onto the field to protest a call and grabbed his testicles — an attack that he says left him impotent
Referee Martin Wekesa is suing the national soccer federation, seeking $240,000 in compensation.

Wekesa says that after he ejected a player from a game last year he was attacked by Sparki Youth team players and then by Daudi Kajembe, a member of the coaching staff.
Wekesa says the coach "attacked me in my private parts. I was crying and could not get myself out from his hands." He says he was rescued by a police officer but slumped to his knees in pain before being taken to the hospital.
Kajembe is to appear in court in the coastal city of Mombasa on Thursday on a charge of assault.

Quotes from Kenyan referee says coach assault left him impotent

This looks like an interesting case. I feel for the referee, that had to be painful.

In the meantime Suarez bit Liverpool striker on Sunday.

What is going on in Football?

It is an agressive sport, but violent conduct is not acceptable, and biting Suarez is for the childrens playground.

Good luck Martin Wekesa

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