Friday, 19 April 2013

RIP David Okuta

I was waiting to see what would happen as I had received several texts last night  from people hoping that no stones would be thrown at Uhuru Kenyatta. He flew in with a military helicopter, accompanied by GSU, well prepared. First Luo funeral I have heard of with a GSU presence.

"President Uhuru arrived at the ceremony at 11.30am in a military chopper. Raila arrived much later.

There is heavy presence of security officers that include General Service
Unit (GSU).

The officers screened mourners at the entrance of the institution, while armed GSU officers were stationed on both sides a 200 metres feeder road to the school, from Ahero-Kericho Road."

Quotes from Uhuru,Raila at Okuta's burial by Mangoa Mosota

I wonder whether there is any way of politicians not talking politics at funerals.

Same thing at my grandmothers funeral, the local MP came and gave one long political speech. I was not amused.Same story at my father's funeral, where you would have thought you were on the campaign trail.

Has this always been the case?

I can understand that David Okuta fought for teachers, and his work must continue,but were the political speeches necessary?

People were there to mourn,and to pay tribute to David Okuta or to hear political speeches?

Wonder whether they got to sample some Omena, Obambla, and Kamongo before they left.

What was interesting were the Freudian slips below

His Excellency the President of Kenya, Honourable Raila Odinga,” Belvina said as she acknowledged the dignitaries attending her husband’s burial among who was President Uhuru Kenyatta.
Belvina however quickly apologised on realising her mistake, saying “sorry for that mishap.”

But when it was his turn to address the mourners, Odinga made light of the moment.
“I’ve seen people having difficulties addressing me as retired, former… I am available, I’ve just moved on. So don’t have difficulties addressing me, I am Raila Amolo Odinga.”
President Kenyatta himself at one point erroneously referred to Odinga as the ‘Prime Minister’ saying: “We need one another, and as the Prime Minister said, it is not a situation of us versus them, the government versus the unions. It is us together sitting, and working in the same direction with the realisation that we share a common destiny and we need to be able to work together.”

Quotes from Don't fret simply call me Raila by Olive Burrows

Rest in Peace David Okuta

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