Sunday, 7 April 2013

Fairness is the key

I was reading this article earlier today, from welfare to banks, fairness is the key. Then went on to read the politics of fear and division won't solve our problems. It made me wonder what it would be like if we had a welfare state in Kenya. I can't imagine it. It got me thinking of the masses who are unemployed, and then the whole land issue. Something that Martin Ngatia feels very strongly about,and never minces his words.

I have to agree with Peter Onyonyi, where he mentions that sadly Kenya is in a mess, and Jubilee have their work cut out for them.

He mentions in his article, that

 It is a good thing that the new president is a wealthy man, and his deputy isn’t exactly in need of pocket change either. This means they have no incentive to improve their bank accounts at our expense.

Quotes from You asked for it by Peter Anyoni

Well, I disagree with Peter, previous presidents were wealthy, but this in no way prevented them from taking money from the country, so I don't buy that logic.

Otieno Otieno gives his opinion on why the Uhuru's national unity project is doomed to fail.

The fear of Mr Kenyatta among some Kenyans is part historical and part informed by recent events.

There is a generation that sees in his presidency the rebirth or even the entrenchment of a tribal hegemony that has ruled Kenya since independence.

I asked a friend belonging to this generation what she feared most about a Kenyatta presidency and she didn’t mince her words.

“I was born to see my father cry about [Jomo] Kenyatta’s shackles, I grew up under Moi’s shackles and now I may die under another Kenyatta’s shackles,” she said.

The crimes against humanity charges at the ICC further make a mockery of Mr Kenyatta’s unity project.

Until he clears his name, as he has promised to do, it is difficult to see how the victims of the post-election violence in Naivasha and Nakuru will reconcile themselves to his unity message.

Add this to the new frontiers of ethnic grievances created all over by the isolationist Jubilee campaign built on the so-called ‘tyranny of numbers’ and you have a national unity project doomed to fail.

Quotes from Why Uhuru's national unity project is doomed to fail.

Time will tell.

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