Thursday, 18 April 2013

British MPs want asylum seekers’ camp set up in Kenya

We have enough refugees in Kenya as it is, that we cannot cope with.

How is it that we can take plane loads more from Britain?

"The UK could confine asylum seekers in leased houses in Kenya if a proposal by Conservative Party MPs aimed at reducing illegal immigrants is approved.Unlike today when most immigrants are housed in secure locations inside Britain, this could change with immigrants shipped to ‘safe houses’ in Kenya and upkeep paid by the UK government as cases are processed."

Quotes from British MPs want asylum seekers’ camp set up in Kenya

I see the number of asylum applications dropping, if this happens. Asylum seekers don't have it easy in the Uk, but are given housing, and money for food and transport, that they can barely survive on. In the past they were able to work within their communities, cash in hand. Once they know they will be flown to Kenya, I see people withdrawing their applications.

 There are a number of asylum seekers in Britain who are Kenyans, mainly Somali, I wonder how those asylum seekers would return to Kenya?

Kenya does not have the capacity to do this, and has a big enough problem with refugees as it is.

I really hope this new government does not consider this.

The Tory government has overhauled the welfare benefit system on April 1st, in the UK. There is lots of talk of there being too many foreigners in the UK,  with more coming from Bulgaria and Romania this month.Some Brits believe that the huge unemployment, is because foreigners have taken all the jobs. I see this proposal by David Cameron, as a way in which  his party can get in for another term. Immigration is a huge, sensitive issue in the UK at the moment.

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