Sunday, 3 February 2008

Some of the power dynamics of the Kenyan crisis

Kibaki's handling of the crisis, so far limited to one brief visit to displaced people and reading out a few pre-written statements insisting he won fairly, has invited fierce criticism. The normally pro-government Daily Nation newspaper warned Kibaki: 'If Kenya disintegrates, history books will record that the collapse of a once great, united and prosperous country happened on your watch'. The Nairobi Star was headlined: 'Where is Kibaki? ... as Kenya slips into anarchy'.

Even with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon in Nairobi this weekend, supporting mediation efforts chaired by Kofi Annan, Kibaki made a speech to the African Union that could hardly have been more antagonistic towards opposition supporters, already on edge after the murder of two opposition MPs last week. He reiterated that the election result was fair and that the opposition was to blame for the violence. It should take its election grievances to the courts, he said, and blamed unnamed foreign countries for suggesting a power-sharing. This hardline stance at a time when towns like Kericho are in flames - and his quiet dismissal of Murage a fortnight ago - means there is an increasing body of people who now believe that Kibaki alone must take the blame for the country's mess. 'I honestly believe he is the man driving the whole operation; the ineptly rigged election and the aftermath,' said David Ndii, a Nairobi-based analyst. 'Kibaki very much knows what is happening, and must be held responsible.

Quotes from wave of anarchy blamed on Kenya's general coward by Xan Rice for the Guardian.

A priest in Nakuru said that Mungiki were on the prowl last week under police protection, and there will be more blood.

Honourable Raila Odinga has called for the deployment of foreign peacekeepers, because the police have often been misused, and he does not trust the army to be neutral. He stated that ODM have confidence in ongoing mediation talks, but has a fall back plan if talks fail.

Canada have spelled out what their stand is on the position in Kenya. They will not conduct business as usual. Canadian law precludes the admissibility to Canada of foreign nationals considered responsible for subverting democratic institutions and processes.

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