Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Different ways of expressing your anger towards the crisis in Kenya today

There are some Kenyans who are not angry about the election results, and I do not share their feelings.

Some of us are angry, and have different ways of expressing that anger.

There are questions about what is an appropriate way of expressing your anger in this situation.

1.Signing up for petitions about the crisis.

2.Reporting acts of violence on Ushahidi.

3. If you are a youth the only way in which you may feel empowered is by going out and causing havoc, as you have nothing to lose, as you live in the slums, are jobless and educated.

4. Going onto sites like Mashada as a troll, or Kumekucha and expressing hate.

5. Setting up your own blog like D, Joseph, Gerald, Jac to express yourself.

6. Internalising your anger, and doing nothing.

7. Setting up initiatives.

8. Considering going to court to seek justice (sigh).

9. Funding militia groups to kill innocent Kenyans.

That is all that I could come up with at the moment.

Feel free to share what you feel Kenyans are doing, and what you feel is appropriate.

There are Kenyans out there who are trying to do everything in their power to try and get the country back on track.

I think that whatever we do, we need to think about the consequences of our actions.

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