Friday, 15 February 2008

Kenyan political rivals will review vote

Kenya's political rivals have agreed to an independent review of the disputed presidential election, according to a copy of the deal obtained Friday.

The agreement called for an independent committee "to investigate all aspects of the 2007 presidential election." The committee will include Kenyan and non-Kenyan experts, start work March 15 and submit its report within three to six months. The report will be published two weeks later.

In the agreement, the government also acknowledged that the dispute cannot be resolved in court because the deadline for complaints has expired earlier this year. Kibaki's government had insisted the opposition take its complaints to the courts, while Odinga had argued he stole the vote and should step down.
The 10-point agreement also provides for a comprehensive reform of electoral laws and institutions and the creation of a truth, justice and reconciliation commission.

The report also said politicians must examine how long-standing land grievances, accusations of ethnic favoritism and frustration over poverty and corruption contributed to the violence.

Quotes from Kenya political rivals to review vote.

On its part, the European Union again warned it would sever all trade and bilateral links with Kenya if political leaders did not move fast to resolve the country's political crisis.
"The electoral process had a negative impact on the country, and until there is a willingness in the two opposing factions to work things out together, it will not be business as usual as regards EU member countries," Mr Harvey Rouse, the union's head of political and trade section in Kenya, said.

International election observers say there were numerous discrepancies in the way the votes were counted and results announced. The human rights groups have urged the Attorney General to order an investigation and warn that if their pleas are ignored they will opt for a private prosecution.

This is Debteraw's view on how Mwai Kibaki could say sorry to the Kenyan people.

Mwai Kibaki could very well apologize to the people of Kenya in the following terms:
“Beloved people of Kenya, I am sorry for proving you right and being just a genuine corrupted copy of Arap Moi. That I was not able to rig the election in such a way as to cheat you senseless is a weakness and I am sorry. I was also a failure when it came to doing a Zenawi on you. Sorry again for being pushed to negotiate and agree to share power with the opposition I had hoped you detested but I am sorry I read you wrong. A thousand dead and a few hundred thousand displaced: I know it compares not with what is seen in the Horn of Africa and I am sorry for being a disappointment. Give me some more years and I shall make you proud

enough to compete with the Ethiopians and Somalis in misery, poverty, chaos and casualties. Again, I am sorry. “

Quotes from If "Sorry, Sorry" was to spread.

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