Sunday, 10 February 2008

Holding my breath for Kenya

Nothing has been finalised yet, and more talks continue next week.

If a joint government is an option, I wonder what that will look like in practice.

Raila Odinga has assured his supporters that he is committed to talks, but will not settle for a solution that betrays their cause. William Ruto said that changing the constitution was one of the resolutions that ODM had presented to the Annan team as a resolution to the crisis.

ODM have said they will seek consent from their supporters before committing their party to the resolutions of the National Dialogue and Reconciliation committee.

Here is a hilarious alternative, cultural foolproof peace formula that Jarius K'Onyiego proposes will not fail.

I believe that his approach is inclusive, but whether something like this could ever happen is another matter. He makes some good points.

I don't know where Kenya is going, but can only hope that peace will return to my country, and that constitutional reform, and distribution of resources are on the agenda, so that we can avoid another tragedy in future.

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