Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Requesting your ideas and support for Kenyan youth

I had this email forwarded to me yesterday from a friend. The man who is in charge of the project has been involved in youth work in Bradford, and South Africa for over 20years. He is involved in training for sustainable community work.

Greetings from Moshi, Tanzania, where I’m temporarily resident whilst the situation in Kenya remains volatile. Amongst other things, I’m doing my best to support a network that I’ve been involved with called Nairobi Young People for Peace. The network is made up of about 15 youth formations and several NGOs spread across the city, especially in Eastlands, where most of the slum areas are located, including Huruma where I work. The network has undertaken a number of activities, so far including training, community dialogues and support for humanitarian efforts of other organizations, such as the Red Cross. The basic purpose of the network is to assist in the peace and reconciliation process through community based participation and youth empowerment. In the short to medium term, the network would like to develop a well-trained and supported team of youth peace builders, who implement a range of activities at community level that are appropriate to their different contexts and which assist in the re-building process.

I’m writing this to each of you to request your support and assistance. No, that doesn’t mean money (although the network does need that also!!!). Most of all we need your ideas, your contacts and your support. For example, can you please share any useful or relevant contacts with peace building / conflict resolution or transformation organizations that can potentially give project support to our network – for example, Quakers, Bradford Uni Peace Studies Dept, Responding to Conflict (Birmingham) all come to mind. Also, what ideas do you have that can give assistance to the network and its activities. For example, an adapted version of CARAS training on Anti-Oppression and ICA’s training methodologies on participation. Finally, what personal commitment are you able to give the network? For example, are you able to assist us with developing proposals and/or relationships with potential donors or commit your project to developing partnership with young people in Nairobi…. Etc etc etc!!!!

Hope to hear from you all soon – we are looking for practical and creative and innovative ideas of supporting the youth of Kenya to progress beyond this terrible point in the country’s history. Many thanks in advance!!

If anyone is interested in supporting this project send me an email, so I can provide you with details of who to contact.

Most of the violence in Nairobi, has been in the slums and has involved the youth which I pointed out here in point 3, and I think it is important that the youth are involved in negotiating peace, and rebuilding Kenya.

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