Saturday, 2 May 2009

More of the same in some parts of Africa

Zimbabwe’s bloated government is heading the same way as Kenya's

The core of the problem in both Kenya and Zimbabwe is that incumbent parties which lost elections refuse to hand over power. The winners were persuaded to accept negotiated settlements by the promise that the resulting unity governments would be temporary, but have ended up shooting themselves in the foot. Neither Kibaki nor Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe are prepared to risk a free and fair election, so they are content to drag things out indefinitely. The longer there is no progress, the weaker the position of the opposition.

Nkazwi Mhango raises the question that power sharing deals could be Africa's Anathema.

Africa has come a long hard way. Before this anathema-power sharing was devised, the barrel of the gun used to be the means for power hungry monsters. We saw Yoweri Museveni ( Uganda ) Meles Zenawi ( Ethiopia ), Jonas Savimbi ( Angola ), Paul Kagame ( Rwanda ), Pierre Nkurunzinza (Burundi), Laurent Kabila (DRC) and others coming to power by the barrel of the gun.

After some of them overstayed in power, we wrongly thought that the current monsters supported by hoi polloi, opposing them would be a solution. Nay! They are all the same. To me whoever does not fight graft and listen to the electorate, is as good as any power hungry monster.

That power sharing has proved to be an abracadabra… what should Africa do? The hoi polloi should stop allowing themselves to be used by power barking mad monsters. Instead of pinning hopes onto a wrong horse, people must agitate for real changes. They must use the same popularity they rendered to their traitors in question, to oust them as they strengthen democratic institutions such as the constitution. With civic disobedience, no looter can rule any hank of land in Africa. This is but a new and sure way forward.


Acolyte said...

And to hear that Kibaki is creating new districts! Urgh!

Tamtam said...


I tell you, where does it end. Sometimes you have to laugh, but then when you think of all the stuff that needs to be sorted out, it ain't funny.

Maybe, just maybe we will live to see a change in Kenya.

Kaasa said...

Hello Tamtam!

Just wanted to thank you for your awesome commentary on my blog and to let you know that I'll be reading yours!

Peace! :-)

Tamtam said...


Thank you for stopping by. Peace to you my sister :)