Monday, 18 May 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Marvin K Tumbo of Proud to be Kenyan blog has awarded me with the Honest Scrap Award.

Big Thanks to you Marvin for the honour.


Things you need to do if you receive the award

  • Brag about the award.

  • Include the name of the blogger who gave you the award, and link back to them in your blog post.

  • Choose a minimum of seven bloggers who you find brilliant in content or design.

  • Show their names and links and leave them comments on their blogs to let them know you have awarded them.

  • List at least ten honest things about yourself.

I have a rule about not writing anything too personal about myself on this blog, but hey this is an exception.

  1. I have a very sweet tooth and love liquorice, and treacle toffees.

  2. Everything I eat at home is organic, but I have to compromise when I go out to friends, or eat out. There are too many additives in the food here, in London. So Wholefoods is where I do my food shop. Most of my friends and colleagues make fun of me, and think I am a new age nutter. I use organic skincare, haircare,and all my household cleaning products are chemical free.

  3. I have lived in London for half of my life.

  4. I love to be by the sea, and find that it chills me out. I cry whenever I touch down at Mombasa airport, as I love the Kenyan coast, and have so many good memories there. Swahili men, make me smile when they tune.

  5. Several strangers have come up to me in churches and told me that I am a healer.

  6. Most Black people that I meet in the UK think I am from the Carribean(from the small islands not Jamaica),and think I am lying when I tell them I am Kenyan. I always ask them what an African is supposed to look like, and the standard response is you can tell the difference. What a load of rubbish. When I was at the coast last , the hotel staff thought we were all African American, until my mum broke into vernacular, and the deep one at that, lol.

  7. Most men that I meet think that I am ten years younger than I am. It is problematic,as I get a lot of younger guys chatting me up, and I don't feel comfortable dating anyone younger than me.

  8. I love to read. My flat has floor to ceiling bookshelves, and I spend a fair amount on books.

  9. I don't drink or smoke.

  10. I once went to work with my trousers on inside out. I worked in a team of six people, and saw clients throughout the day. Noone told me until 1.00pm, but I had noticed some funny looks on the underground in the morning. You see I love my sleep,and am clearly not vain.

The seven bloggers that I am tagging with the Honest Scrap award, and who I think are brilliant in content and design are :

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