Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Somali government has condemned the hard line islamic group invading Kenya

The new Somali government has sharply condemned threats of fresh attacks on neighboring Kenya by hard-line Islamic insurgent group al-Shabab. The group, which has refused to recognize President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed's government threatened Monday to annex parts of northern Kenya and implement Islamic Sharia law. Nairobi on the other hand has begun strong measures to counter such an attack by deploying extra troops to man the Kenya-Somali border and maintain the disarmament of residents in the province.

Somali cabinet minister Abdirashid Irro Mohammed told VOA that Mogadishu stands in unison with its neighbor to thwart the insurgent group's violent activities aimed to destabilize the region.

"Really, we are very sorry and we condemn such actions. Kenya is our neighbor state and our brotherly country, and they have their own constitution. So there is no reason that al-Shabab should attack them and endorse the sharia law. So here, that is a very bad action and we condemn it, and we don't accept those kinds of threats… so I can say they (al-Shabab) are the enemies for all the region," Mohammed said.

Quotes from Somali Government condemns insurgent moves to annex parts of Kenya

My concern is that I don't think President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, is any way able to control these militants.

I just hope that sufficient troops are sent to the border to deal with this.

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