Monday, 27 April 2009

No rest for Kenya

Yesterday I met a Somali friend of mine. His view on what was happening in Kenya, was that Raila and Kibaki were just a smokescreen. He believed that the Somali government *coughs* were trying to destablilise Kenya. I laughed it off as another conspiracy theory. He kept on telling me that Kenyans should not go down the violence route, or we will end up like Somalia. I wish I had the power to make things right, but hey, I wait to see what will unfold, as always.

Then I came across this article,a Somali rebel group has threatened to invade Kenya, and think that my friend may have been talking sense.

A Somali rebel group which is fighting the transitional government of the Horn of Africa nation have threatened fresh attacks on Kenya, seeking annexing part of the east African nation's northern region and subject it to Islamic law

I think our neighbours are capitalising on our instability.

Update: That border needs to be tightened, but I guess that is not a priority for the powers that be, at this moment and time.

I wonder whether there is any truth in Chris's post on Kumekucha, that Kibaki insiders are plotting a third term.

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