Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The sick society we live in

This video was brought to my attention by Prince Hamilton.Did any of these killers ever get tried?

I ask the question, and wonder whether in some parts of Kenya today it is standard practice to kill a person, knowing that you are above the law.

I have to confess that when I go home these days, I am fearful of gun crime, and car jacking in a way that I wasn't before. Back in my day ie the eighties, things were very different.

On my way to work this morning, I read this story about a twelve year old boy who took part in a gang killing.

Flipping hell, at twelve years old, I didn't have the guts or know how to do something like this. Here in London, when I see kids, or teens up to trouble, I don't intervene. Doing so, could cost me my life, and I am aware these kids are of another breed altogether.

Life is cheap.

I remember going to Dar es Salaam in the eighties, and staying with some friends. I was struck by how well behaved the children were in Dar. They respected their elders to the point that when you walked on the street, they made way for you. They made a point of greeting you first, as you passed them playing. It touched me. I don't expect children to bow down to their elders, however having some respect for them I believe is a good thing.

These are changing times.

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