Monday, 7 April 2008

Will there be more talks and no action in Kenya this week

I find the current situation in Kenya frustrating. I believe that Raila Odinga has been too accomodating, and like the Muslims feel that as the leaders cannot agree we need to call for fresh elections.

Kibaki is under pressure from his hardliners, with threats that he will risk being left in the dark.

Unlike Odegle Nyang I didn't expect Kibaki to respect the wishes of the Kenyan people, and stick to his part of the deal, however I am still disappointed.

In reality I don't see how the two parties can share power.

The talks that were supposed to resume today failed to happen as representatives from both sides failed to attend. The issue is clearly not important enough to these individuals, and so we shall be kept waiting.

I listened to a sermon yesterday, where a point was made about politicians being given wisdom by God to do what was best for their people. The message was that if these same politicians abused their power, they would pay for the consequences of their actions. Another part of the message was that there were enough resources for all of us to live comfortably, and I thought of Kenya, and all the inequalities, that have led to this crisis. The current deadlock, is about PNU in my view, refusing to share power equally.

In the meantime, IDP's are suffering in camps.

Can the politicians allow all Kenyans to live with dignity?

What gives them the right to think that living with dignity in Kenya is for a chosen few?

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