Friday, 4 April 2008

Kenyan cabinet to be named on Sunday

I agree with those who feel a jumbo coalition cabinet is a colossal waste. It seems that it is a one off arrangement, and this is the compromise that was needed to save the nation. Mwalimu Mati says that Kenyans should be prepared to pay through their noses for this cabinet, as we cannot afford it. So much for making it lean and making it clean. Mwalimu Mati estimates that 40 ministries might cost 352 Billion, and the Government of Kenya has asked donors for 31 billion to resettle IDP's.

Can you see any inconsistencies here?

Taxpayers get your wallets out, as if Kenyans are not struggling as it is.

So the cabinet will be announced on Sunday.

Then we have a DO stealing relief aid, some people are shameless.

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Who is fooling who

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