Saturday, 21 September 2013

Attack on Westgate Mall Nairobi Kenya

 21-09-2013 19-10-03

I received a call from my mother earlier today asking me whether I had heard of the attact at Westgate, or whether it was just a rumour. So, I checked the news, and sadly it was true. So far at least 22 people are said to be dead, and soldiers have moved in. My heart goes out to everyone who got caught up in this shooting, some have died, some taken hostage. It is horrific.

Here is some of the rescue operation in pictures.

Another sad day for Kenya.

Update: 11 people confirmed dead, and 29 admitted.

Kenya Stockholm has some shocking photos here, part one, 

part two  and part three

Al-Shabaab have claimed responsibility for the attack. They say attack is retributive justice for crimes committed by Kenyan military.

Update two

Two world class photographers at Westgate Mall, Goran Tomasevic  and Tyler Hicks

Update three Al-Shabaab tell Channel four news foreigners are not safe in Kenya

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