Monday, 27 May 2013

Parts of Nairobi to experience water shortage for 4 days

This does not surprise me. When I was last home, every week, the taps ran dry for several days.I cannot remember a visit in the past ten years, where there has not been water shortages. No warning, to the point that you just take it as normal, frustrating as it is.Your water bill comes in, no reduction in charges, yet there have been many days when you have not had water.Where is the logic? They want their money, but you don't get a normal service.

Things have not changed at all.Surprisingly, they are now telling people to stock up. I can see our area is listed in the places that will be affected. Same ole, same ole.Have just spoken to my family, and they tell me that this is a joke, as normally they don't have water six days of the week, yet receive a bill for 9000 kenya shillings.

Don't get me started on the power cuts. Hopefully Kidero can sort this stuff out.

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