Monday, 11 March 2013

Says it all

The past week has been spent waiting to see what the outcome of the elections would be. The technological failures did not surprise me at all. However, it is at that point that I started to think something was up, when I heard news of  the  possibility of systems being hacked. While some were saying there were no problems.

I never  thought that I would see the day when our president would be a defendant . 

Talking to a friend yesterday, comparing notes on what we think really happened. He came up with a joke which some of you may have already heard.

There are three guys, a Pakistani, Brazilian and Kenyan. The Pakistani guy says that when Pakistanis vote they get their results the next day. The Brazilian guy says when Brazilians vote, they get their results in two days. The Kenyan guy says when Kenyans vote, even though we wait a week, we always know what the results will be, before they are announced..

So Cord are going to court. I don't think anything will come out of it, frankly.

The ICC have dropped the case against Muthaura, what is next.

In the meantime, Binyavanga feels that Kenyans elected a president  we felt could bring peace.

I wonder what the IDP's feel, who still don't have homes, or  whether they voted.

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