Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Kenya and the Failed state Index

I get home from work, and come across this article on Kenya's decline and fall.

The keywords for me in the article are Kenya and the Annual failed state index 2009. I am relieved that we are not in the top ten rankings, yet.Kenya ranks at 14 in 2009.

I am still getting my head round the idea that we are a failed state, denial ,or wishful thinking, still don't know what it is .

I look back at 2008 and Kenya was ranked 26 on the list. In 2007 we were ranked at 37. So since, 2007, things seem to have gone downhill. I thought that things had improved somewhat, but then I look at the social indicators and political indicators . The truth is staring me in the face loud and clear. We could be in the top ten, and seem to be on the way there.

I live in hope, regardless.

Update related article:The Kenya police is the most corrupt institution in East Africa


Darius Stone said...


My take is that as Kenyans, we are collectively responsible for one of the most serious cases of collective gross negligence and deriliction of our civic duties. We have only ourselves to blame - in that, out of a population of over 30 million people, we're stuck with the same bunch of punks over and over again despite the obvious.

Until we individually and collectively take responsibility of our negligence and do something about it by behaving as responsible citizens in the choices we make - then as they say, no. 1 is the target.

Tamtam said...


I hear you loud and clear. Your take is spot on. Collective gross negligence, no better way to describe it.

Like you, I want the same ole punks out. Enough is enough.

I had a conversation with a Zimbabwean colleague yesterday, and we could not see a way forward in Kenya or Zimbabwe, in our lifetime.

I hope we are wrong.