Wednesday, 17 June 2009

These Kenyan bishops should not be shocked

Catholic bishops of Kenya have expressed shock at allegations of child sex abuse by a prominent missionary priest and promised "to investigate the matter to its final conclusion."

I am not surprised that the Catholic church is on the defensive.

You need to read the finds of this enquiry into endemic rape and abuse of Irish children in Catholic care.

I know someone who was a victim of abuse, who has just received some compensation.

The abuse has wrecked her life, and the life of her brothers and sisters.

I wonder how anyone can be compensated for these sorts of atrocities.

It is not easy for victims of abuse to come out, and divulge what has happened, so I hope the Catholic church in Kenya, investigate this case properly.


Mo said...

This is sooo sad. It's just too sad. And NO action is being taken yet.

Denford said...

Half the time it turns out to be a whitewash. Africans have got to start getting a bit more activist about the sort of continent we want to see.

These are renewals that are needed every few generations in order to advance civilisation and our generation is passing the buck.

We must be more active in resisting evil like this and in demanding good governance and vision. Otherwise...

Tamtam said...

Thanks for stopping by.It is very sad. I wonder what the final outcome will be. These sorts of things never seem to hit the headlines in Kenya, and yet child abuse goes on.


Thanks for stopping by.I am with you, this sort of evil cannot be allowed to go on.

Anonymous said...

Hey TamTam
It shocks me how first you write on stuff that happens over here yet you far away from where the action. I give you props for that.

I have read the articles that this guy used to write and respected him a lot until this story came out. With the kind of money that is sent in Kenya because of this guy, it is no wonder the church, which is the beneficiary, has not said a word.

This guy denied the whole thing and I was happy when KTN came out strongly again and said they had the clips to prove it if ever need be. The police said they had not arrested the guy because nobody had made formal charges etc.

I have seen such guys walk over here and I won't be surprised when this guy buys a one way ticket out of here.

Keep up the good work over there.



Tamtam said...


Thanks for stopping by.

I feel strongly about sexual abuse. It is not easy for victims to make formal charges, and can cause a secondary form of traumatisation.

What pains me is the number of perpetrators who do walk.

Thankfully some of these guys don't . Priests, Imams, and nuns here have gone down.

I think the damage that is done, is huge, but maybe the victims can get some sense of relief, if that is the right word, when the perpetrators serve time.