Saturday, 29 March 2008

Kenya still in Limbo

Talks about the coalition are still in limbo. This is no easy task, and I sit and wonder how the hell Kenya will move forward.

Odinga said talks on the much-delayed formation of the cabinet -- a key step in the power-sharing deal aimed at ending Kenya's violent crisis -- yielded no consensus and had been indefinitely suspended.

We are at a standstill again, and someone has difficulty sharing power proportionately.

The most contentious issue of the day, and which could frustrate the naming of a new Cabinet soon was the Party of National Unity’s revision of its proposal on the size of the Cabinet from the 38 it has always pushed for to 44.

Barrack Muluka points out why it is vital that President Kibaki sees things as they really are.

The Orange Democratic Movement wants the World Bank to postpone reviewing of funding contracts until a new Cabinet is in place.

In the meantime Uncle Bob aka Robert Mugabe says

"We will succeed. We will conquer. We don't rig elections, you see; we have that sense of honesty. And I cannot sleep with my conscience if I have cheated on elections. Why should I cheat? The people are there supporting us, day in, day out."

My heart goes out to all my Zimbabwean brothers and sisters. Uncle Bob lost touch with reality years ago.

William Ruto has appeared before the Kenyan National Commission on Human Rights to answer questions on post election violence.

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